Happy New Year

“I would like to,
Thanx 2020 for making me realise who is true and who is not.
Thanx 2020 for the good health of my family.
Thanx 2020 for giving me perfect family and friends whom I can count on.
It has been hard, but not easy and not at all impossible.
We all made it till now and we will get through it by welcoming the New Year.
Enter this new year with a gratitude for this new chance to create your dreams.”
-A. M. Todiwala

This year had been quite a year where some people got bored and some people learned many things, some developed courage of staying alone and some enjoyed with there partners or friends. Let’s rewind the year and also cherish the moment of the brand new year. 

“The year 2020”

The Year started with celebrating New Year 2020 and then COVID-19 pandemic.

Where, the busiest people were the Doctors and Nurses, who worked day and night during this pandemic. Who didn’t worry about day and night and also didn’t worry about their health. They used to stay in the garage for their family. Like them there are our soldiers who are on the borders protecting our nation, in past they used too, now also they are protecting our nation no matter what happens. 

Many people neglected the virus and died, also other people who fought for it but still died in pain. Even some people died with other illness. I pray for their family who are still in grief.

I salute Doctors, Nurses and Soldiers of the world, who were on their mission where we were at home. 

The things which most of the people all over the world did was: 

  • The new experience of working from home.
  • Stayed at home with family and friends.
  • Learnt cooking
  • Made our hobbies our passion.
  • Talked with our friends for a longer time.
  • Played LUDO/UNO. 
  • Netflix/Prime were our best friends.
  • Learnt Yoga.
  • Helped in household chores.
  • Started Reading Books.
  • and many amazing things.

Whereas some people had the stress of no money and loneliness and committed suicide, whereas some people overcame their fears and became independent. There are still many people out there who are thinking about their stressful life, and loneliness, I would like to tell them few things that, money comes and goes but life comes once, so don’t waste it by stressing things on people.

I would like to recommend a few things to such people. 

Moksha Foundation:

Moksha ( Sanskrit: मोक्ष, mokṣa), also called vimoksha, vimukti and mukti,. It refers to forms of liberation and release. “Moksha Foundation” brings about the meaningful change in the society through a focus on issues which is hard to address by the people. Their Voluntary Team full of Youth wish to help Youth struggling with Mental Peace, Depression, Anxiety, Sexual Orientation Problem, Study-related doubts, Goal planning, Addiction of toxic. “Moksha” aim is to connect with people, engage them, and empower the communities to become healthy and to create a positive change in the personal, social, and overall development to become a good citizen.

“The New Year 2021”

Let’s pray for the people whom we lost in 2020 and start our year with all new rules and regulations for ourselves. This pandemic is still “ON” so we have to be double cautious. 

Make rules by 


  • You will never come out of your house without a mask.
  • Not to enter in a crowded area.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Sanitize your hands after coming home.
  • Never talk with a person without a mask.
  • Take social distancing seriously.
  • Boost your immunity with yoga or with some “kahvas”.

I hope, that this year becomes CORONA FREE and we become free as before. Don’t forget to make certain resolutions for your New Year and feel free to comment your resolutions.    

Happy New Year 2021 To All

HI! I am Aarzin M. Todiwala, a web developer and a new blogger, with an excellent communication skills and skills to talk to people and convey them whatever is necessary if required. If you have any suggestions than please feel free to comment and suggest me about other topics.

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